Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Story of EE

This is another story of EE…

I was knowing with this guy.. and without realized that am actually like em.. and without knowing there is something that start to grow inside my heart.. man I should know it from the start the way how to limit this feelings.. knew that he is belong to someone cuz he told me once.. but day after day this feelings grew too fast until I can’t realize that the L word start to grow.. 


Why didn’t I told him on the day he ask me if I love him, or am I being hypocrite and ego to myself for denying all of the word that he ask me.. Only Allah knows now…  I didn’t realized not until his being silent without a word.. am I the one who to blame? I try to deny it, I try to being realistic, make it as I never know him.. try to forget the last msg that I receive.  I try to keep it inside my mind that his belongs to other but why can’t my heart accept it? What hold me from moving on to something better? Or is it my fault? Am I the one who be blame in this chapter? But for what reasons? For keeping my feelings for him even I know his belong to another girl? Or should I be blamed for being egoistic and hypocrite from my own feelings?  I try to tell but there is something that hold my back.. something that didn’t  want to let me speak… 

Dear Allah,

Please guide me to the path of Jannah.. guide me to live in peace and love, guide me to tell, guide me to let it go from my heart.. Lord please guide me in each and every second that I do to be better, heal this pain.. wipe this tears away.. cuz I can’t live with a broken heart but most make me love u more that I love the other…

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